In February 2016, Massachusetts' Governor Charlie Baker announced the Affordable Access to Clean and Efficient Energy Initiative, which seeks to make clean, renewable energy, and energy efficiency technologies more accessible to low and moderate income residents in Massachusetts. Low and moderate income households in Massachusetts spend, on average, 14% of their income on energy—up to twice the state average. However, for various reasons many low and moderate income residents may face challenges in investing in cost-saving energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

As part of this Initiative, the Department of Energy Resources and the Department of Housing and Community Development will be seeking stakeholder engagement about current and future program development. Over the next 6 months, they will be covering multiple topics (e.g., limited access to financing, high upfront costs, high rates of rental tenancy/split incentives, and the complex financial structures of subsidized housing) in order to determine ways that state government can help address the challenges discussed.

If you would like to participate in this process, please sign up for the Affordable Access Newsletter. This Newsletter will distribute topic-based questions for stakeholder response, as well as information about current and future programs. The Newsletter will also release the Initiative’s final report that will guide future program development.