Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced a new initiative and $15 million in funding to help low and moderate income residents access cost-saving, clean and energy efficient technologies. The Affordable Access to Clean and Efficient Energy Initiative will form a working group to identify the barriers for low income communities in accessing clean and efficient energy technologies, strategize how to expand the availability of clean energy through new and existing programs, facilitate collaboration between state and local agencies, and determine the best way to allocate funding. The Initiative is supported by funds from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. "We're looking forward to putting clean energy technologies in the homes of those they'll help most," said MassCEC Interim CEO Steve Pike. Read about this program here. Sign up to receive updates on this program here.

In October, California announced a similar 10 year billion dollar program for community solar to benefit low income tenants – read more about it here.