Information sharing

In addition to an active listserve, ITAC hosts regular meetings and webinars to share information and discuss topics of mutual interest, such as program design, performance data, customer and project concerns, and effective incentive policy. Members learn from one another and are better equipped to make informed policy, program design, and implementation decisions.

Research and joint learning

ITAC engages industry experts from universities, federal agencies, and private industry to educate members. Recently, ITAC has been briefed on subjects including: turbine testing procedures and standards; domestic and international certification; technical wind turbine design; mid-scale wind turbine standards; and new tools for site assessment. 

Industry communication

ITAC provides a central clearinghouse for wind industry stakeholders to engage with state clean energy programs. Furthermore, many energy programs are too small to have much influence in the marketplace, or induce manufacturers to address issues of concern. As a group, utility incentive providers and clean energy programs can be a much more powerful force.

Wind turbine evaluation and listing

Identifying equipment that fits the long-term durability, performance, and customer service expectations of incentive providers is a challenge for individual states and programs. By pooling resources through ITAC, wind energy programs are accessing technical assistance from qualified experts to support the evaluation of wind turbines. This is especially critical for mid-sized machines, which lack a certification scheme in the U.S. Combining the collective experience of the participating  programs also strengthens the evaluation process and, in turn, the list itself. Participating clean energy funds are then authorized to use ITAC’s list of wind turbines as the basis for incentive eligibility in their respective programs.