Participating clean energy programs

The Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) is an alliance of clean energy funds and utilities, working together to tackles the challenges and promote the potential of small and mid-sized wind energy technologies. ITAC is a participant driven organization, created to serve the needs and advance the goals of its participating programs. For more information about joining ITAC, click here.

Participation in ITAC continues to expand. Below is a list of current Tier 1 and Tier 2 participants. Click on any entity to learn more about their wind programs.

Special thanks to the founding program managers, without whom ITAC would still be just a good idea:

  • Mark Mayhew of NYSERDA
  • Rich Hassleman of GDS Associates with Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program
  • Lise Trudeau of Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  • Matt Newberry of NV Energy
  • Betsy Kauffman and Lizzie Rubado, Energy Trust of Oregon