University of Delaware Opinion Poll, 2014

The University of Delaware released an April 2014 study showing that 77% of Atlantic City residents are inclined to support an offshore wind demonstration project visible from shore. Read the full report here.

Fishermen’s Energy Public Opinion Poll, 2009

Fishermen’s Energy commissioned The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy, under the auspices of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, to develop and administer a survey to discern the public’s sentiments in reference to Fishermen’s Energy’s proposed wind farm project, which will be located three miles off shore from Atlantic City, and develop a report of the survey.

Among the findings:

  • After being shown pictures of wind turbines three miles off of the shore, 75% of the sample say they are in favor of these wind turbines.
  • Only 4% of visitors surveyed say the wind turbines would make them less likely to visit Atlantic City in the future. In 2006, 30% felt this way
  • 77% of residents who own rental property believe that wind turbines would have no effect on their ability to rent property. In 2006,60% felt this way.

Survey Instrument (41 KB PDF)

Power Point Presentation in PDF Format (707 KB PDF)

Atlantic Wind Connection Public Opinion Polls, 2011

In 2011, Atlantic Wind Connection released public opinion poll results from Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey showing majority support for offshore wind among voters of both parties in all three states.

Among the results:

  • Majorities in each state support the development of coastal offshore wind power.
  • Majorities in each state are willing to pay at least $2 more per month in utility bills to receive offshore-generated wind power.
  • Majorities in Delaware and Maryland prefer that clean, renewable electricity production quotas be filled by offshore wind rather than onshore wind farms in the Midwestern U.S.

Download the individual state toplines and analyses on the Atlantic Wind Connection website.


Analysis of Cape Wind’s Impact on Lowering Energy Prices in New England, 2012

In 2012, Charles River Associates conducted an updated analysis of the impact of the Cape Wind project on lowering the ISO New England wholesale electricity market. Cape Wind, a 468 MW offshore wind power project planned for Nantucket Sound, is expected to provide enough power to supply approximately 4 percent of projected 2014 demand in Massachusetts and approximately 2 percent of total projected 2014 New England demand. This additional supply will reduce the need for generation from other power plants with higher operating costs and pollutant emissions, primarily fueled by natural gas, oil, and coal.

Using updated input assumptions, CRA projected wholesale power prices over the period 2014-2038, for scenarios with and without Cape Wind in service, and quantified the expected reduction in wholesale power prices and wholesale electricity costs that would result from the power supplied by the project. In addition, CRA estimated the effect of the Cape Wind project on employment in New England.

Among the findings:

  • Adding Cape Wind would lead to a reduction in the wholesale cost of power averaging $286 million annually over the years 2014–2038, resulting in an aggregate savings of $7.2 billion over 25 years.
  • Over the combined 16-year period spanning construction and the first 15 years of operations Cape Wind would create an average net addition of 514 jobs in Massachusetts and 1,119 jobs in New England.

Download the full report on Cape Wind’s website.

Maryland Energy Administration Supply Chain Capability Analysis, 2012

In February 2012, Kinetik Partners released three offshore wind supply chain analyses commissioned by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) that confirm significant job creation and economic development potential from offshore wind off Maryland’s coast. The three Kinetik Partners reports assessed the sufficiency, competitiveness and opportunities for development of several of Maryland sectors critical for the development of large scale offshore wind energy in the mid-Atlantic and provided a road map for the development of an offshore wind innovation cluster that could create thousands of Maryland jobs.

Download the reports:

Analysis of Maryland Offshore Wind Supply Chain Capabilities

Analysis of Maryland Steel Facilities for Sufficiency to Support Offshore Wind Energy Deployment

Analysis of Maryland Port Facilities for Offshore Wind Energy Services