There is an increasingly lively and contentious debate in many states over net metering policies. In some cases, this intersects with a state’s RPS policies and program administration. In Colorado, the state’s largest utility, Xcel Energy, filed a proposed 2014 compliance plan for the state’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) that asked the Colorado Public Utility Commission to more clearly identify all the costs and benefits of solar customers’ net metered systems and to consider cutting the incentives paid through net metering. This led to considerable concern among the solar industry and clean energy advocates about the possible weakening of net metering incentives. To allow for a more extended and orderly consideration of the policy issues, the PUC has now decided to approve a motion from the Colorado Energy Office setting up a separate proceeding for the consideration of net metering. This takes net metering out of the docket for the rest of the RES compliance plan and leaves existing net metering rules in place. As Denise Stepto, Deputy Director and Communications Director in the Energy Office, pointed out: “The decision opens the way for a more transparent and broader discussion.” For a news story covering some of the issues, click here.