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RPS Webinar: The State of State RPSs

June 28, 2013

1:00pm — 2:00pm Eastern

This webinar discusses CESA's June 2013 report "The State of State Renewable Portfolio Standards." This report analyzes state renewable portfolio standard (RPS) laws as a policy mechanism, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and assessing their impact on the growing national renewable energy market.

Report author Warren Leon discussed the strengths of the renewable portfolio standard as a policy, its weaknesses (along with strategies for overcoming them), current challenges facing RPSs, and a few timely actions states may want to take to increase the impact and effectiveness of RPSs in the coming years. The report will not duplicate the important research on RPS trends that has been published regularly by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, but instead seeks to contribute additional qualitative analysis.

Slides from this presentation are available here:

Categories: Policy

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