A Message from CESA’s Executive Director


Dear Colleague,

Have you found the webinars and publications of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) to be useful and interesting?

We believe that many people do, as hundreds of you are participating in CESA’s free webinars each month and receiving our newsletters. Over the past year, we have continued to provide you with the latest information about clean energy trends and developments on energy storage, offshore wind, solar for low-income households, and other cutting-edge topics.

We need your help to continue these information-sharing activities and to expand CESA’s efforts to advance clean energy in states across the country.

CESA has been able to provide you and others with reports, webinars, and newsletters at no charge, primarily because of the generous financial support from private foundations, the federal government, and CESA-member organizations. But contributions from individuals like you are also crucial for us to continue—and even expand—our public-facing activities.

If you and others make tax-deductible contribution to CESA, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, it will enable us to share the latest policy information, market updates, and finance tools with a wide range of clean energy stakeholders—including you.

In the past year, we produced more than 35 webinars and reports with high-quality, actionable information. All webinar recordingsreports, and newsletters are archived on CESA’s website.

Perhaps you were one of the 1,224 people who registered for CESA’s Energy Storage 101 – Part 1 webinar on battery storage technology, systems and cost trends; or one of the 986 people who registered for the webinar on EVs and the Electricity System; or one of the 918 people who registered for the webinar on Net Energy Metering, Solar Valuation, and Rate Design.

Maybe you are one of the 1,665 people who receive the Offshore Wind Accelerator Project newsletter or one of the 3,940 subscribers who receive the Solar Equity Digest? We are asking you to help us maintain and increase these sorts of activities.

A tax-deductible donation of $100, $50, $25, or any amount will make a big difference. I assure you that we will put it to good use.

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Not only will you be able to receive CESA’s newsletters, listen to the energy experts on our webinars, and access our informative reports and blogs on timely clean energy topics, but your donation will help advance the clean energy economy. CESA’s work behind the scenes helps states identify and implement effective policies and programs.

CESA has many exciting activities planned for the coming months. In partnership with several organizations interested in energy equity, we will soon release a major report on Solar with Justice: Powering Up Under-Resourced Communities and Growing an Inclusive Solar Market. We are preparing to launch a 100% Clean Energy Collaborative for states and other entities that have embraced 100% clean energy goals. We will continue the popular energy storage webinar series and will have new tools available on renewable heating and cooling technologies. We will also be re-launching an improved CESA website in the new year to make finding this information easier.

And if you have suggestions for how we can make our webinars, newsletters, and reports more useful to you and others in the clean energy field, please let me know.

On behalf of CESA’s staff and board of directors, I thank you in advance for participating in CESA’s activities and for supporting CESA’s work.


Warren Leon, Executive Director

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Published On

November 20, 2019