CESA Newsletters & Mailing Lists

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) and our sister organization Clean Energy Group produce several free e-newsletters.

Subscribers to our mailing lists will also receive notices of upcoming webinars, new reports, and other items related to their areas of interest. Below is a description of our newsletters and links to newsletter archives.

100% Clean Energy Collaborative Newsletter

This newsletter provides updates about states’ efforts to adopt and implement goals for getting 100% of their electricity from clean energy sources, as well as descriptions of research addressing technical challenges to achieving a 100% clean electricity system and news about complementary initiatives by utilities and municipalities. The newsletter also announces publications and upcoming webinars by the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative.

The CESA Brief

The CESA Brief newsletter provides bi-monthly updates about the programs and accomplishments of CESA and its member organizations. Subscribers to this mailing list will also receive email announcements for all of CESA's upcoming webinars and events.

Solar Equity Digest

This monthly newsletter includes news and resources from around the country on bringing the benefits of solar electricity to low- and moderate-income communities.

Offshore Wind Newsletter

This newsletter features updates and success stories about policy, technology, and financing around the U.S. offshore wind industry. Each issue lists upcoming webinars and events, as well as a recap of recent news stories affecting U.S. offshore wind.

IRA and BIL Opportunities & News

On behalf of CESA’s IRA & BIL Implementation Initiative, this weekly newsletter describes resources and opportunities funded by the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The newsletter features commentary and explanations for why certain opportunities deserve states’ attention. It is edited and produced by Anna Ziai, CESA Project Director for State Implementation of Federal Climate Legislation. The newsletter is available exclusively to state and federal government employees. Email Anna to subscribe.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund - Solar for All Mailing List

State agencies, green bank staff, and other Solar for All awardees who wish to receive emails from CESA regarding the EPA’s Solar for All program can sign up for our mailing list here. CESA staff use this mailing list to update the Solar for All awardees network about resources, convenings, and technical assistance opportunities. This includes information shared with CESA by Solar for All awardees themselves, by federal agencies or national lab partners, opportunities to attend presentations from experts and trainings that CESA or others organize, as well as any other relevant information about low-income solar or program deployment, from compliance to program design considerations or tax credits. Additional Solar for All resources are available here.

CESA Members Newsletter

This monthly newsletter provides news and updates on CESA and its member organizations. It is available exclusively to staff at CESA member organizations. Email Sam to subscribe. Past issues are available on the members-only section of this website here.

Clean Energy Group Newsletter

This monthly newsletter provides updates from CESA's partner organization Clean Energy Group. It includes publications and resources, notice of upcoming webinars and events, and news from around the country.

Solar+Storage News

Given the rapid developments in the field of solar and energy storage and the growing interest in this topic, Clean Energy Group, as part of its Resilient Power Project, distributes this weekly update to provide news headlines on solar+storage technology, finance, and policy.

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