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Below is some of the press coverage of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA).


Three questions with the New Jersey Wind Port
Sam Schacht, Windpower Engineering & Development, 9/26/2023

New York provides pre-development support for solar and storage for LMI housing
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 8/24/2023

Grid-enhancing Technologies Poised for Growth with Federal Funds
James Downing, RTO Insider, 8/22/2023

A case for regional collaboration among states in the new offshore wind economy
Sam Schacht, Windpower Engineering & Development, 8/15/2023

Lincoln Park’s first community solar program
Jerusha Kamoji, PV Magazine, 7/17/2023

Here’s how pilot programs aimed at cutting energy costs in low-income Mich. households are faring
Kyle Davidson, Michigan Advance, 7/15/2023

Three questions with the California Energy Commission
Sam Schacht, Windpower Engineering & Development, 7/10/2023

How Solar Loans Work
Jackie Lam, CNET, 6/16/2023

As severe weather events mount, Michigan lawmakers say climate legislation is overdue
Arpan Lobo, Detroit Free Press, 6/14/2023

A conversation on building Maryland’s offshore wind workforce
Sam Schacht and Erin Roth, Windpower Engineering & Development, 6/1/2023

Collecting data to support energy-burdened communities poses unique challenges, experts say
Diana DiGangi, Utility Dive, 5/22/2023

What Government Affairs Pros Need To Know About New Clean Energy Policy
Andrew Kaminsky, FiscalNote, 5/9/2023

Clayton to build solar-ready manufactured homes to meet DOE specs by end of 2023
Solar Builder, 5/10/2023

EPA power plant rules are coming. Are utilities ready?
Jason Plautz, EE News, 5/5/2023

Five state energy leaders describe how IRA incentives are helping their states
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 5/1/2023

Getting rooftop solar onto low- and middle-income housing: A podcast interview with Vero Bourg-Meyer
David Roberts, Volts, 4/28/2023

Federal grants of $4.6 billion available to states aiming to model a clean energy grid
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 4/14/2023

Rooftop solar slashes demand on New England power grid
Miranda Wilson, E&E News, 4/13/2023

Nevada to add gas plant as drought tests US West power grids
Rio Yamat, Associated Press, 3/22/2023

Goin’ mobile: Colorado solar project to benefit manufactured housing
Brad Kramer, Solar Builder Magazine, 3/13/2023

As more Americans struggle to pay power bills, states must be ‘deliberate’ in equity efforts: report
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 3/3/2023

EPA announces $250 million for states, local communities to fight climate pollution
Shannon Kelleher, The New Lede, 3/1/2023

Best practices in state’s energy storage policies
Anne Fischer, PV Magazine, 2/24/2023

Duke Energy plans gas plants as it moves away from coal, but critics see higher cost and emissions
David Boraks, WFAE, 2/12/2023

Minnesota Has Passed a Landmark Clean Energy Law. Which State Is Next?
Dan Gearino, Inside Climate News, 2/9/2023

Minnesota utilities must transition to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040
Gretchen Hjelmstad, Valley News Live/KARE11, 2/8/2023

Minn. governor trusts energy law will survive ND suit threat
Steve Karnowski, Associated Press, 2/7/2023

Gov. Walz signs "100 Percent by 2040" energy bill into law
Caroline Cummings, CBS News Minnesota, 2/7/2023

Gov. Walz signs '100 Percent by 2040' bill
David Griswold, Diane Sandberg, Associated Press, 2/7/2023

Inside Minnesota’s bill requiring carbon-free electricity by 2040
Humberto Sanchez, Pluribus News, 2/4/2023

Minnesota Senate passes '100 Percent by 2040' bill
Diane Sandberg, Associated Press, 2/3/2023

Minnesota moves toward 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040
Steve Karnowski, Associated Press, 2/2/2023

Minnesota Is Poised to Pass an Ambitious 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill. Now About Those Incinerators…
Aydali Campa, Inside Climate News, 1/30/2023

Minnesota House approves bill setting new benchmark of 100% carbon-free energy by 2040
Caroline Cummings, CBS Minnesota, 1/27/2023

Commercial Building Industry Key to a Greener Future
Mike Licastro, Contractor Magazine, 1/13/2023

New program will help lower income homeowners get solar panels. Here's how it works.
Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal, 1/12/2023

Solar program aims to cut energy costs for lower-income Rhode Island residents
Lisa Prevost, Energy News Network, 1/10/2023

Rhode Island aims to be first to use Inflation Reduction Act to deploy solar for low-income homeowners
Diana DiGangi, Utility Dive, 1/5/2023

Can N.C. be carbon neutral by 2050? 5 things to know about the new clean energy plan
Charles Duncan, Spectrum News, 1/4/2023

Newly empowered Minnesota Democrats pledge to move swiftly
Steve Karnowski, Associated Press, 1/4/2023


Fossil Fuel Industry Plans To Hijack Offshore Wind In Gulf Of Mexico
Steve Hanley, CleanTechnica, 12/31/2022

How ocean wind power could help the US fossil fuel industry
Terry L Jones and Pam Radtke, The Guardian, 12/30/2022

Solar takes off in Louisiana, sparking growing pains
Camille Bond, EnergyWire, 12/20/2022

Rooftop solar: How homeowners should do the math on the climate change investment
Tim Mullaney, CNBC, 12/17/2022

Impact of NJ’s Storage Plan on Overburdened Communities Questioned
Hugh Morley, RTO Insider, 11/16/2022

Post-election, four states now poised to speed renewables deployment
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 11/11/2022

Is the era of gas-heated homes nearing an end?
James Osborne, Houston Chronicle, 11/10/2022

3 governor’s races set to remake clean energy
David Iaconangelo and Miranda Willson, E&E News, 10/31/2022

All 13 states in PJM grid region call for PJM to make faster progress on interconnection
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 10/31/2022

Solar Power Basics, From Financing To Installation (& More)
Susan Brackney, Hobby Farms Magazine, 10/27/2022

Northeast embraces first-of-a-kind virtual power plant
Miranda Wilson, Energywire, 10/12/2022

States Face Challenge Tying Storage Incentives to Emissions Reduction
Hugh Morley, RTO Insider, 10/10/2022

USEA Panel Explores How to Cut CO2 as Electricity Demand Increases
K Kaufmann, RTO Insider, 10/3/2022

Illinois grapples with implementing 100% clean energy law
Jeffrey Tomich, Energywire, 9/22/2022

Right on queue: New operating agreement to lower solar interconnection costs
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Solar Builder, 8/24/2022

DOE Previews New Federal Funding for Energy Storage Demo Projects
John Funk, RTO Insider, 8/9/2022

States take charge to protect people from extreme heat
Ivan Pereira, ABC News, 7/28/2022

Energy Storage Market Faces Innovation, Supply Chain Challenges
K Kaufmann, RTO Insider, 7/21/2022

Delaware will give free solar panels to low-income residents
Alison F. Takemura, Canary Media, 7/19/2022

‘More, more, more’: Biden’s clean grid hinges on power lines
Peter Behr, E&E News, 05/23/2022

Moving the Needle: How States Are Investing in Clean Energy
Katya Maruri, Government Technology, 5/3/2022

To speed interconnection, consider public control of grid operators, says law professor
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 4/13/2022

New Md. climate law calls for 60% emissions cut by 2031, besting California
Karin Rives, S&P Global Market Intelligence, 4/11/2022

Utility-scale batteries? VPP programs? Both? How states are valuing energy storage
Charles W. Thurston, Solar Builder, 3/30/2022

On Intentionality & Intersections in Energy with Melanie Santiago-Mosier
Power Flow Podcast with Amy Simpkins, 3/1/2022

Fact check: Did Oregon Gov. Kate Brown set one of the nation’s most aggressive clean-energy timelines?
Tracy Loew, Salem Statesman Journal, 2/17/2022

Offshore wind seen as perfect fit for green hydrogen
Paul Day, Reuters, 2/9/2022

Louisiana’s first climate plan calls for 100% clean power
Miranda Willson, E&E News, 2/2/2022

Whitmer releases plan to make Michigan carbon neutral by 2050
Brad Dress, The Hill, 1/20/2022


3 ways 2021 changed electricity — and what’s next
Edward Klump and Kristi E. Swartz, E&E News, 12/23/2021

Should US Follow EU: Make Green H2 with Offshore Wind?
John Funk, RTO Insider, 11/18/2021

Utilities are taking the reins in the Northeast and asking for customer-sited storage
Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World, 11/5/2021

Biden’s Solar Ambitions Hinges On More Inclusive Policy
Emily Pickrell, Forbes, 11/2/2021

Assessing Massachusetts’ ConnectedSolutions Distributed Battery Program – what works, what could improve
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Solar Builder, 11/1/2021

Maine's North Woods offers glimpse of future fights for 'green energy'
Brooks Hays, UPI, 10/22/2021

Jersey Shore's Fishing Industry Wonders if it Can Coexist with Industrial-Sized Wind Farms
Susan Phillips, The Allegheny Front, 10/8/2021

Europe’s offshore wind to green hydrogen plan won’t work for the US, report finds
John Engel, Renewable Energy World, 10/5/2021

Massachusetts finds early success with behind-the-meter energy storage program
John Engel, Renewable Energy World, 10/1/2021

With forward capacity auction success, batteries are winning in New England
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Utility Dive, 9/28/2021

Improving Equity by Installing Solar on Manufactured Homes
Miguel Yañez-Barnuevo, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, 9/28/2021

N.Y. hydrogen, CCS proposals could set national precedent
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 9/24/2021

A Federal Clean Energy Standard Would Build On Decades of State Experience
Susan Cosier, Audubon Magazine, 9/23/2021

Oregon governor signs ambitious clean energy bill
Sara Cline, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/27/2021

Ribbon cutting for Alliant’s battery unit storing solar power in Decorah
O. Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa, 7/21/2021

Gov. Burgum wants to get North Dakota carbon neutral by 2030. It's a tall task
Adam Willis, InForum, 7/11/2021

4 state trends remaking U.S. electricity
Miranda Willson, Kristi E. Swartz and Edward Klump, E&E News, 7/9/2021

Why doesn’t every roof have solar panels?
Emily Pontecorvo, Grist, 6/24/2021

Five months into the Biden Administration: A whirlwind of federal action on offshore wind
Georgena Terry, Windpower Engineering & Development, 6/21/2021

Resources From the State House to the White House: Progress on Climate, Justice, and Jobs
Center for American Progress, 6/15/2021

Solar for manufactured homes: the next frontier for energy equity
Samantha Donalds, PV Magazine, 6/9/2021

Oregon’s big climate bill of 2021 generates little friction
Dirk VanderHart, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/26/2021

Solar 'contagiousness': A key for environmental justice?
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 4/29/2021

Heating and Cooling your Home with Clean Technologies Demystified
Georgena Terry, Green Energy Times, 4/12/2021

A positive trend: U.S. offshore wind solicitations address equity
Georgena Terry, Windpower Engineering & Development, 3/18/2021

Cleaning up the power grid requires a federal-state partnership
Warren Leon and Bentham Paulos, Utility Dive, 2/8/2021

Solar Energy Powering More US Local Government Buildings
Deborah Block, Voice of America, 2/6/2021

A Green New Deal Is Still Possible, Just Not the Way You Imagined
Geoff Dembicki, Vice, 1/19/2021

The Biden Administration Brings State Climate Leadership to the White House
Sam Ricketts, Christy Goldfuss, and Aimee Barnes, Center for American Progress, 1/19/2021

Vermont Public Service Department releases new information about ‘clean heating’
Chelsea Siegal, ABC News 10, 1/13/2021


New Virus Relief Bill Extends Clean Energy Tax Break Timeline
Morgan Conley, Law 360, 12/21/2020

Looking ahead to US ocean policy, management, and conservation under the Biden-Harris administration: Ocean policy experts weigh in
Sarah Carr, The Skimmer, 12/13/2020

The Fastest Route to Clean Energy Progress Runs Through the States
Warren Leon, Morning Consult, 11/17/2020

Harnessing the sun: Here’s what to consider when deciding if solar energy is right for you
Caralee Adams, Bethesda Magazine, 10/12/2020

California Sees Zinc As Likely Successor To Lithium-Ion In Energy Storage
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 10/6/2020

VBM recognizes Vermont’s Rising Stars Class of 2020
Vermont Business Magazine, 10/5/2020

How California Wildfires Are Driving Energy Storage Beyond Lithium-Ion
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 10/5/2020

Report: More Support Needed for Hydropower to Meet Clean-Energy Goals
Aria Alamalhodaei, California Energy Markets, 9/11/2020

Severe storms are increasingly leaving us without power. Microgrids can help.
Greta Moran, Popular Science, 8/31/2020

An inside look at NYSERDA’s award-winning offshore wind program
Maria Blais Costello, Windpower Engineering & Development, 8/27/2020

State launches community solar marketplace website making green energy more accessible to Rhode Islanders
Newport Buzz, 7/9/2020

Clean Energy Has Taken a Hit. Will It Rebound?
Alex Brown, Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts, 5/19/2020

Pollinator-friendly solar: a feel-good way to make projects cleaner and greener
K Kaufmann, PV Magazine, 5/7/2020

Community solar: A ray of hope in the gloom?
David Ferris, E&E News, 4/23/2020

100% clean energy group launches, with eyes on coronavirus
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 4/2/2020

CESA organizes collaborative to help states attain 100% clean energy goals
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World, 4/2/2020

Will solar work for low-income communities?
Warren Leon, Utility Dive, 3/5/2020

Trump and the Trillion Trees
Lisa Friedman and Eduardo Garcia, New York Times, 2/5/2020


Getting Solar Power to the Rural Communities That Need It Most
Bryce Oats, The Daily Yonder, 12/26/2019

Offshore Wind: Gearing Up for Liftoff
Nathanael Greene Cullen Howe, NRDC Blog, 12/25/2019

Solar with Justice report shows the solar policies, projects that most benefit under-served communities
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder, 12/16/2019

US has only one offshore wind energy farm, but a $70 billion market is on the way
Bob Woods, CNBC, 12/13/19

Building a wind industry across Connecticut
Editorial Board, The Day, 11/17/2019

Community Campaigns for Renewable Heating and Cooling: HeatSmart Northampton, MA
Georgena Terry, Green Energy Times, 11/15/2019

To meet renewable energy goals, Maine must take charge on big battery incentives
Tux Turkel, Portland Press Herald, 11/10/19

CESA report highlights state-level clean energy leadership since 2015
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World, 11/5/2019

#Latino20: Nicole Hernandez Hammer — Climate scientist, activist
Gwen Aviles, NBC News, 9/16/2019

First in the Nation Municipal Microgrid Program Advances Toward Final Goal Line
Andrew Burger, Microgrid Knowledge, 7/30/2019

5 Easy Steps To Going Solar In D.C.
dcist, 7/15/2019

US offshore wind under the Trump administration and new developments with offshore wind
Sarah Carr, The Skimmer, 5/10/2019

Solar for All? Removing Financial Obstacles to Green Energy
Noreen O'Donnell, NBC News, 5/7/2019

Funding made available in Oregon for small-scale renewable energy projects
Carlo Cariaga, Think Geoenergy, 3/14/2019

Energy Storage Has A Breakout Year On Both Sides Of The Meter
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 3/4/2019

Old Batteries Look New Again On DOE's List Of Next-Generation Energy-Storage Prospects
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 3/1/2019

Energy Dept. Tackles Challenge Of Rooftop Solar & Income Inequality
Tina Casey, Clean Technica, 1/17/2019

New report aims to help states design effective community solar programs for all income levels
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World, 1/15/2019

The Fight Against Climate Change Could Heat Up in Colorado
Chase Woodruff, Westword, 1/2/2019


The 5 Obstacles To Selling A Solar Home (And How To Overcome Them)
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 12/16/2018

Solar Finds Its Place in the Sun Among America's Poor
Molly Fosco, OZY, 10/10/2018

N.J. puts out biggest call yet for proposals
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 9/18/2018

Innovation Is Making Solar Panels Harder To Recycle
Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 9/4/2018

Clean Heating & Cooling Systems — More Ways To Reduce GHG Emissions
Carolyn Fortuna, CleanTechnica, 8/27/2018

The U.S. is on the verge of an offshore wind revolution
Jan Ellen Spiegel, Yale Climate Connections, 8/23/2018

Distributed storage to yield $2-3 of grid savings for each dollar spent
William Discroll, PV Magazine, 8/23/2018

ACES Award winners in MA show diversity in energy storage solutions
Liz Carey, Daily Energy Insider, 8/17/2018

Modernizing renewables mandates is no longer about the megawatts
Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive, 8/16/2018

Can Electrification Short-Circuit the Utility Death Spiral?
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum, 7/10/18

Renewable Energy World Announces Its Inaugural Solar 40 Under 40
Renewable Energy World, 7/6/2018

Solar Is Saving Low-Income Households Money in Colorado. It Could Be a National Model.
Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News, 7/2/2018

Connecticut joins the offshore wind rush
Jan Ellen Spiegel, The CT Mirror, 6/13/2018

Offshore wind farms could create 40,000 American jobs by 2028
Mark Collins, News 4 Jax, 5/21/2018

Securing our energy through microgrids
Michael Behrmann, NH Business Review, 5/10/2018

AWEA 2018: Offshore hubs to spring up on Atlantic coast
Ros Davidson, Windpower Engineering & Development, 5/9/2018

Two Cohorts of Nine Research Teams Leverage Network Learning Effect to Spur Solar Energy-Grid Innovation, Resilience
Andrew Burger, Solar Magazine, 5/2/2018

To See Offshore Wind Energy’s Future, Look on Shore – in Massachusetts
Jan Ellen Spiegel, Inside Climate News, 4/9/2018

President Trump’s Interior Dept. charts big future for offshore wind
Paul Dvorak, Windpower Engineering & Development, 4/11/2018

New lease areas lay the groundwork for unprecedented offshore energy boom
Michelle Froese, Windpower Engineering & Development, 4/8/2018

Trump Interior Dept. charts big future for offshore wind
Alt Energy Magazine, 4/6/2018

Offshore Wind Drives Demand for US Support Vessels
Marine News, 3/14/2018

Wind energy eyes restart in N.J. with Gov. Phil Murphy in office
Andrew Maykuth, The Inquirer, 3/8/2018

Advancing the U.S. offshore wind industry
Michelle Froese, Windpower Engineering & Development, 3/6/2018

Vast U.S. market for offshore wind comes into focus
Michelle Froese, Windpower Engineering & Development, 2/2/2018

One month into 2018 offshore wind is all the rage
Greg Alvarez, Into the Wind, 2/1/2018

Trump’s Solar Tariff Leaves State Renewables Targets in Limbo
Bobby Magill, Bloomberg BNA, 1/25/2018


Sterling Municipal Light honored for ‘Leading by Example’
The Worcester Telegram, 12/15/2017

Solar Power for Public and Affordable Housing May Emerge
Beryl Ajwang, Clean Energy Finance Forum, 11/7/2017

Uncertainty reigns in renewables sector as tax package, NOPR loom
Krysti Shallenberger, Utility Dive, 11/7/2017

Offshore Wind Can Provide Good American Jobs
Warren Leon, Morning Consult, 11/7/2017

Offshore Wind Shows Big Potential for Growth and Jobs
Tim Faulkner, EcoRI, 11/6/2017

U.S. East Coast Readies to Boost Offshore Wind
Maritime Executive, 11/6/2017

An Examination Of The Huge Potential Of Northeast Offshore Wind
Betsy Lillian, NA Windpower, 11/2/2017

Solar and energy storage in New England: It’s complicated
Christian Roselund, PV Magazine, 10/27/2017

Popularity of rooftop solar arrays posing challenges for firefighters
Meghan Foley, Keene Sentinel, 10/9/2017

US states reluctant to include energy storage in Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News, 10/9/2017

The New 1,600 MW Solar Program for Massachusetts Really is SMART
John Farrell, CleanTechnica, 9/14/2017

Steps states can take to advance energy storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, PV Power Tech Magazine, September 2017

Financing For Solar Plus Storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Green Energy Times, 8/23/2017

State Clean Energy Funds: A Driving Force in Renewables Deployment for Over a Decade
Dana Drugmand, Green Energy Times, 8/23/2017

Solar in tandem with battery storage gaining traction among utilities
Mark Jaffe, EUCI - Energize Weekly, 8/22/2017

6 Recommendations for Bringing Solar Power to Low-Income Households
Bentham Paulos, Future Structure, 7/18/2017

5 Ways States Are Accelerating Renewable Energy
Dana Drugmand, The Energy Collective, 7/11/2017

How One Small US Town Will Save Millions with a Microgrid
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Renewable Energy World Magazine, 7/5/2017

Advancing Clean Energy at the State Level — An Imperative
Dana Drugmand, Renewable Energy World, 6/8/2017

Solar Can Benefit Low-Income Households, CESA Shows How In New Guide
Charly Fasano, SolarReviews News, 5/16/2017

Reliant 'smart house' tests the future of electrical usage
Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle, 4/25/2017

Will CT catch or miss the boat on offshore wind energy?
Jan Ellen Spiegel, CT Mirror, 3/30/2017

Michigan and Illinois Raise Their Renewable Portfolio Standards
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum, 3/14/2017

Words matter in solar: Defining key energy terms
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World, 3/1/2017


Can NYSERDA Make Offshore Wind Projects in the US More Like Europe’s?
Katherine Tweed, Greentech Media, 12/13/2016

Some Midwestern GOP Governors Appear To Back Renewable Energy
Dawn Reeves, InsideEPA/Climate, 12/12/2016

From Home Microgrid to Virtual Power Plant in Rural Vermont
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, 10/26/2016

Massachusetts town to build New England's first utility-scale battery storage project
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 10/14/2016

Massachusetts Goes All-In on Energy Storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Renewable Energy World, 9/21/2016

Massachusetts earmarks 600MW of storage by 2025 for $800 million in cost savings
James Blackman, Energy Storage News, 9/21/2016

Massachusetts to Offer $10-$20M in Energy Storage Grants this Fall
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, 9/19/2016

Clean Energy Incentive Program Marches Along Despite Clean Power Plan Stay
Carsten deWolff, The Energy Collective, 7/13/2016

California Energy Commission receives leadership award for New Solar Homes Partnership
Solar Server, 6/16/2016

State irrigation program receives national conservation award
Wallowa County Chieftain, 6/28/2016

Six States Awarded by the Clean Energy States Alliance for Innovative Solar, Energy Projects
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 6/16/2016

States may want RPS tweaks for climate rule
Emily Holden, Governor's Wind & Solar Energy Coalition, 6/14/2016

Farmers Conservation Alliance irrigation program recognized
Hood River News, 7/5/2016

Department of Energy’s SunShot awards CESA $568,000 for solar development
Jessica Limardo, Daily Energy Insider, 5/20/2016

Nation's Fastest-Growing Job Isn't For Acrophobes
Jennifer Oldham, Bloomberg, 5/12/2016

Thermal Storage a Hot, Yet Debated Topic for Biomass Water Heating Industry
Jennifer Delony, Renewable Energy World, 4/11/2016

An Unexpected Renewable Energy Trend
Warren Leon, Morning Consult, 3/23/2016

Governors Launch a New Offensive in the Fight for Clean Energy
Julian Spector, CityLab, 2/17/2016

Community solar gardens set to boom in 2016
Penn Energy, 1/7/2016

EWEB tests microgrids in preparation for potential changes in how it serves customers
Christian Hill, The Register-Guard, 1/2/2016


Oregon Energy Storage Demonstration Project Launches With State-Federal-NGO Partnership
Glenn Meyers, Green Building Elements, 12/20/2015

Wastewater treatment plant cleans up awards for renewable energy generation
Synergy (Energy Trust of Oregon Blog), 11/12/2015

Public Power Weekly Exclusive: Customer ownership in community solar could mean more savings
Laura D'Alessandro, Public Power Daily, 10/9/2015

Q&A: How the Clean Power Plan will impact the energy landscape
Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News, 10/2/2015

Can the U.S. Jump-Start Offshore Wind Power?
Camille von Kaenel, ClimateWire, 9/29/2015

Feds Fund State Efforts To Catalyze Offshore Wind
NAW Staff, North American Wind Power, 9/28/2015

Feds fund NY offshore push
reNews, 9/16/2015

IRS ruling seen as paving way for more community solar
Matt Whittaker, Energy Biz, 9/11/2015

IRS Approves Tax Credit for Community-Shared Solar Project
Cheryl Kaften, Energy Manager Today, 9/9/2015

IRS Guidance Finds Individual Community Solar Investor Qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit
Julia Pyper, GreenTech Media, 9/8/2015

IRS Guidance Will Boost Residential Solar Projects
Keith Goldberg, Law 360, 9/4/2015

IRS ruling could have significant impact for community solar projects
Paul Ciampoli, Public Power Daily, 9/4/2015

Community solar investors could qualify for federal tax credits, IRS ruling indicates
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 9/3/2015

Solar Supporters Hope IRS Ruling Promotes Community Solar
Pat Bradley, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, 9/3/2015

IRS ruling indicates US community solar could qualify for ITC support
Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech, 9/2/2015

IRS backs investor in Westside solar farm
Wilson Ring, Associated Press, 9/2/2015

U.S. IRS allows community solar owner to access the ITC
Christian Roselund, PV Magazine, 9/2/2015

IRS Allows Community-Solar Customers to use the ITC
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 9/2/2015

IRS Rules Favorably on Owner’s Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit for a Community-Shared Solar Project
Foley Hoag Blog, 9/1/2015

IRS Approves Individual Tax Credit For Shared Solar Project
Matt Sharp, Law 360, 9/1/2015

Energy group says IRS ruling could promote community solar
Wilson Ring, Associated Press, 9/1/2015

Think 10th Circ. Endorses State RPS? Think Again
Harvey L. Reiter, Law 360, 8/26/2015

State Innovation is Key to Success of Clean Energy
Warren Leon, San Francisco Examiner, 7/23/2015

President Obama’s Low-Income Solar Initiative
Interview with Warren Leon, Alt Energy Mag, 7/17/2015

New Mexico Releases Solar Financing Guide For Homeowners
CleanTechnica, 7/17/2015

The Clean Energy States Alliance commends Massachusetts for solar, wind projects
Kathleen McKiernan, South Coast Today, 7/1/2015

New York Fast-Tracks Renewable Energy Development
Dave Lucas, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, 6/29/2015

New Report Applauds Rhode Island’s Clean Energy Programs
Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (Press Release), 6/25/2015

Report shows U.S. ripe with Clean Energy Champions
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Smart Grid News, 6/24/2015

Report looks at how states are advancing clean energy, including hydro
Elizabeth Ingram, HydroWorld, 6/24/2015

Report gives first-ever comprehensive look at how states support clean energy
Dylan Borchers, Ohio Green Strategies, 6/24/2015

Connecticut’s Clean-Energy Programs Receive Praise from National Coalition
Hugh Bailey, Connecticut Post, 6/23/2015

Report Examines Post-Millennium Clean Energy Boom
Colin Wood, GovTech, 6/23/2015

Clean Energy States Alliance Report Shows how State Policy Impacts Renewable Energy
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 6/23/2015

New CESA Clean Energy Report Available
Joanna Schroeder, Domestic Fuel, 6/22/2015

ODOE to offer research and development funds for energy storage
Oregon Department of Energy (Press Release), 5/21/2015

Second Largest Island in U.S. Goes 100% Renewable
Laurie Guevara-Stone, Eco Watch, 5/20/2015

Homeowners would be well advised to do their homework before leasing solar equipment
David Solomon, New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/29/2015

OR wastewater treatment plant first in Northwest to achieve net-zero-energy status
Water World, 4/23/2015

Connecticut’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry to be Showcased at Premier International Trade Event in Germany
Hartford Courant, 3/17/2015

C-PACE marks successful first two years
Bridgeport News, 3/13/2015

Leading edge Vermont solar farm wins 2015 Project of Distinction Award
VermontBiz, 3/12/2016

States Reconsider Renewable Standards
Steve Curwood (host), Living on Earth, 3/6/2015

Free Homeowner's Guide to Solar Financing Available
Lisa Iannucci, Green Builder, 2/19/2015

Solar Financing Guide Explores the Ins and Outs of Leases, Loans
Scott Thill, Solar Energy, 2/17/2015

CESA Creates Solar Financing Guide for Homeowners
Solar Novus Today, 2/16/2015

Guide for prospective solar homeowners released
Jonathan Gifford, PV Magazine, 2/12/2015

Now Available: A Free Guide to Home Solar Financing Options
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 2/12/2015

Project Review: 2014 CESA award-winning installations, Part II
Renewable Energy Focus, 1/20/2015

Project review: 2014 CESA installations, Part I
Renewable Energy Focus, 1/9/2015


The National Hockey League shoots for zero carbon emissions -- a goal for other sports?
Benjamin Hulac and Daniel Cusick, E&E News, 12/19/2014

Solar-powered Microgrid
Josh Castonguay (GMP), Energy Biz, December 2014

Gresham wastewater plant recognized with national award
Portland Tribune, 11/20/2014

Connecticut’s Microgrid Program Receives National Recognition
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, 11/19/2014

How to Cut Carbon, Ramp up Renewable Energy, and Rebuild the Energy Sector
Mike Jacobs, Union of Concerned Scientists Blog, 9/30/2014

Historic City Makes Solar History With New Stafford Hills Solar Farm
Tina Casey, Clean Technica, 8/14/2014

Green Mountain Power begins solar-plus-battery micro-grid project in Vermont
Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech, 8/13/2014

CESA: Combining solar with energy storage the future of clean energy
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Smart Grid News, 8/13/2014

First microgrid reliant on solar to provide backup power for Vt. town
Katherine Ling, E&E News, 8/12/2014

US State Breaks Ground on a "Perfect" Solar + Storage Microgrid that Can Provide Resilient Power
Jennifer Runyon, Renewable Energy World, 8/12/2014

Hydropower in U.S. Gets Boost from New Laws. Will Congress Do More?
Regina Cline, Bloomberg BNA Energy and Environment Blog, 1/30/2014


Solar Energy Provides Rays of Hope
Frank Carini, ecoRI News, 11/6/2013

The Energy Department Is Trying To Make Solar Panels Cheaper To Install
Emily Atkin, Think Progress, 11/6/2013

8 Things To Know About Distributed Wind Energy
EarthTechling, 8/15/2013

Making the Economic Case for Offshore Wind
Michael Conathan, Center for American Progress, 2/28/2013


Inspiring Investment
Lisa Gibson, Biomass Magazine, 6/11/2011

NJ Launches Process for Financing Offshore Wind Farms
Christa Marschall, ClimateWire, 5/17/2011


Creating Demand - How to Market Solar
Mark Sinclair, Renewable Energy Focus, 1/15/2010


Alternative energy faces power line "bottleneck" in U.S. West
Reuters, 1/21/2009

Clean Energy States Alliance's Milford makes case for federal-state partnership in stimulus
On Point - E&E TV, 1/14/2009


Mainstreaming solar PV in the USA
Mark Sinclair, Renewable Energy Focus, 1/10/2008

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