CESA Membership

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is a national, nonprofit coalition of public clean energy programs working together to advance renewable energy policies and deployment.

CESA members include many of the most innovative, successful, and influential public funders in the country, from both state and municipal energy agencies.

CESA members have access to the collective expertise of a national network of colleagues to explore clean energy problems and solutions candidly. Through CESA, clean energy programs are able to discuss and learn about program innovation and best practices from across the country, improving the effectiveness of clean energy program investments.

CESA enhances this collaborative network by coordinating state efforts, leveraging funding for projects and research, addressing current clean energy challenges with cutting edge solutions, and assisting members with program development and evaluation.

Many of CESA’s projects and initiatives enable states to pool resources and collaborate on multi-state efforts to advance their program goals. CESA also works to develop multi-state funding opportunities―from both federal agencies, such as the Department of Energy and from private foundations.

CESA provides services that are designed to provide CESA members with essential information, support network development, and encourage the interchange of ideas and best practices among the members. In addition, we offer Core CESA members individualized consulting and technical assistance.

Below is a list of member benefits.

  • CESA National Membership Meetings
  • CESA Multistate Funding Opportunities
  • State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards
  • CESA Members-Only Newsletter
  • CESA Member Listserv
  • The CESA Brief Newsletter
  • CESA Project Newsletters
  • CESA Webinars
  • Individualized Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Working Groups
  • Group Projects

CESA membership is eligible to state agencies that have clean energy programs. Private companies and individuals are not eligible for membership.

For more information about CESA membership, please contact Maria Blais Costello.