CESA Projects

100% Clean Energy Collaborative

CESA created the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative to assist states (and other entities) that have 100% clean energy goals by providing knowledge-sharing activities and analysis so that together they can address program challenges and opportunities.

Building Decarbonization and Clean Heating/Cooling

The heating and cooling sector accounts for over forty percent of the nation’s energy use. CESA’s renewable thermal project works with member states to evaluate renewable heating and cooling technologies and develop policies and programs that support best practices to further develop the market for renewable thermal technologies.

Energy Storage Policy for States

This project provides support to CESA members engaged in developing energy storage policy, programs and regulation. Activities include knowledge sharing, direct policy support, and independent analysis based on the interests and needs of CESA members. The project leverages other CESA and CEG efforts, including ESTAP and CEG’s Resilient Power Project.

Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership

The Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) is a federal-state funding and information sharing project, managed by CESA, that aims to accelerate the deployment of electrical energy storage technologies in the U.S.

Offshore Wind Accelerator Project (OWAP)

Offshore wind presents one of the country’s most significant renewable energy resources with the potential to transform the Atlantic Coast energy portfolio, create a new clean energy industry sector, meet aggressive state renewable energy policy goals, and reduce carbon emissions and ocean acidification at a significant scale.

Scaling Up Solar for Under-Resourced Communities

CESA is leading a wide-ranging initiative to accelerate the development of solar projects that benefit low-and-moderate-income (LMI) households and communities.

Solar with Justice: Connecting States and Communities

To ensure solar equity, under-resourced communities need to be able to participate actively in solar development. The Solar with Justice project identifies barriers to solar for low- and moderate-income (LMI) consumers and advances strategies for overcoming those barriers. It focuses especially on helping state energy agencies and frontline community-based organizations learn from each other and forge partnerships to promote solar.

State Leadership in Clean Energy

CESA’s State Leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) Awards recognize state programs that are most effectively accelerating adoption of clean energy technologies.

Completed CESA Projects