Warren Leon

Executive Director

Concord, MA

Anna Adamsson

Project Assistant

South Bend, IN

Maria Blais Costello

Manager of Program Administration

Montpelier, VT

Vero Bourg-Meyer

Project Director for Solar and Offshore Wind  

Montpelier, VT

Samantha Donalds

Communications Manager

Montpelier, VT

Wafa May Elamin

Project Manager

Virginia/DC Metro Area

Charles Hua

Research Associate

Cambridge, MA

Meghan Monahan

Office Manager

Montpelier, VT

Seth Mullendore

Clean Energy Group President and Executive Director

Montpelier, VT

Todd Olinsky-Paul

Senior Project Director

Montpelier, VT

Bentham Paulos

Senior Research Associate 

Berkeley, CA

Abbe Ramanan

Project Director

Lewiston, ME

Sam Schacht

Research Associate

North Adams, MA

Yu Suzuki

Summer Research Fellow

New Haven, CT 

Georgena Terry

Research Associate

Rochester, NY

Anthony Vargo

Chief Financial Officer

Montpelier, VT