Solar with Justice: Recommendations for Community Organizations

Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

This webinar presented the findings and recommendations from a new report that are especially relevant to community organizations and frontline energy equity leaders. Solar with Justice: Strategies for Powering Up Under-Resourced Communities and Growing an Inclusive Solar Economy was produced by a team from the Clean Energy States Alliance, the Jackson State University Department of Urban & Regional Planning, the Partnership for Southern Equity, PaulosAnalysis, the University of Michigan School for Environment & Sustainability, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, and The Solutions Project.

After members of the team gave a brief overview of the report and described model programs by community organizations, they discussed the recommendations for actions that different community organizations can take to ensure solar empowers under-resourced communities and provides tangible financial and wealth-building benefits. More than 90 policymakers, community group leaders, solar experts, and energy equity advocates were interviewed as part of the research for the report.


  • Chandra Farley, Director of the Just Energy Program, Partnership for Southern Equity
  • Nicole Hernandez Hammer, Project Director, CESA
  • Rudi Navarra, Director of Investments, The Solutions Project
  • Warren Leon, Executive Director, CESA (moderator)