CESA offers two membership tiers: Core Members and Affiliate Members. Eligible entities and membership services available under each tier are described below. The membership application is available here.

What Does CESA Do?

CESA is the only organization that represents the collective voice and interests of the public clean energy programs in the United States. Since its establishment in 2002, CESA has successfully worked with its members to solve common clean energy deployment problems, improve program design, and foster information sharing. Collectively, the state and municipal clean energy funds – CESA’s Core members – are able to frame and address key issues facing clean energy market development by working with federal agencies, regulators, industry participants and the national media.

CESA’s strength lies in its members. CESA provides its members with individual client assistance services and implements joint projects to address common challenges facing state programs, such as identifying best solar program offerings and providing recommendations on how to effectively implement renewable portfolio standards. CESA’s activities are cost effective because states are able to pool joint resources and efforts for shared problem solving and analysis. Additionally, the funding contribution of CESA’s members is leveraged many times by the organization’s ability to attract additional support from federal agencies, such as the Department of Energy, and from private foundations.

Why Join CESA?

CESA' s members have banded together to invest in and promote clean energy and low carbon technologies in their states, cities, municipalities, and, collectively, across the country. CESA seeks to provide the most up-to-date knowledge about clean energy programs, from the U.S. and internationally, to its members. CESA enhances this collaborative network by coordinating state efforts, leveraging funding for projects and research, addressing current clean energy challenges with cutting edge solutions, and assisting members with program development and evaluation.

By becoming a member of the CESA organization, you and your staff will have access to the collective expertise of a national network of colleagues to explore clean energy problems and solutions candidly. Through CESA, clean energy programs are able to discuss and learn about program innovation and best practices from across the country, improving the effectiveness of clean energy program investments.

 Core Members

Eligible entities: States, cities, other sub-national entities that administer public dollars for clean energy, and publicly owned utilities - provided that the program makes funding available to the public for clean energy projects, market building, or related activities.

Services: Core members will receive the full complement of current CESA services and will be involved as useful to the member in CESA's multi-year joint projects. The Core Member services include:

  • Member Webinars:
    CESA hosts monthly informational webinars so CESA members can receive updates on project initiatives and results, recent developments in the clean energy field, and timely clean energy updates and opportunities for inter-member and member-federal collaborations. These calls frequently feature guest speakers to inform members of the latest policy issues and new opportunities for clean energy growth. Core Members also receive access to the call recordings and presentation materials.
  • National Membership Meetings:
    CESA members come together twice a year for several days to meet with their national colleagues, discuss successes and challenges in their programs, develop new joint projects, and learn about the opportunities available to their programs through innovative finance, policy, and market initiatives. The meetings also feature advice from and dialogue with leading representatives of clean energy finance, industry, federal agencies, and other stakeholders. Full Members receive complementary registration to to these meetings, including meals and receptions. Also included is ongoing access to the meeting materials.
  • Cutting-Edge Analysis:
    CESA members have access to comprehensive analytical information services of very high caliber at a very low cost. The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) provides CESA members with current research and reports on key clean energy projects, cost trends, and market issues, based on CESA priority requests. CESA estimates the value of those LBNL services to be in excess of $250,000; these are significant costs avoided by CESA members that might otherwise have to be paid on an individual consulting basis. See examples of CESA-LBNL case studies and other CESA reports on the CESA website in the Resource Library.
  • Direct Consulting Services:
    CESA staff will provide Core Members with personalized consulting services to address member needs including program and policy development, creation of written materials, testimony, publicity, stakeholder engagement, legal analysis, and identification of funding and partnership opportunities.

Additional Benefits:

  • CESA Core Members will be provided with media support, including publicity of member projects and success stories on a national platform and for public education regarding the value of clean energy programs to federal agencies, the Administration, and Congress.
  • CESA Core Members have governance rights as well as CESA board representation, to help shape the organization in a way that best meets the needs of its membership.
  • CESA Core Members will be offered priority participation in Joint Projects.
  • CESA Core Members will periodic receive specific information and opportunities identified by CESA staff on funding opportunities as well as insider intelligence on clean energy developments relevant to these members.

Note: Core Members may designate as many staff as they wish to participate on calls, listservs, and in meetings.

Dues: Core membership dues are assessed annually based on relative fund size (level of dues linked to the size of the member fund's annual budget for its renewable energy programs) and starts at $10,000. New members are eligible for first-year-only membership dues of $10,000. 

To learn more or become a Core Member, please download and fill out the membership application here or contact Maria Blais Costello or call 802-223-2554

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 Affiliate Members

Eligible entities: Affiliates may comprise any other organization working in areas related to the mission of public clean energy programs, including but not limited to: NGOs, universities, economic development organizations, technology transfer offices, etc. as well as cities, counties, and states that do not have a dedicated clean energy fund. Affiliate status is not open to private developers or businesses. All affiliates must be approved both by the CESA state member in which the entity is located (if applicable) and the CESA Board of Directors to ensure no conflicts exist with existing member interests.

Services: Affiliate Members will receive a subset of the full complement of current CESA services and will have special access to additional services at special rates. The Affiliate Member services include:

  • Opportunities to participate in CESA joint projects and joint project listservs with Full Members.
  • Participation on the CESA Member-only listserv designed for two-way information sharing between clean energy programs across the U.S.
  • Access to open sessions of CESA's membership meetings at a discounted registration fee of $500 per participant. These are opportunities to network with public clean energy programs and peers across the U.S. and forums for idea exchange and presentations from clean energy experts from the federal, state, city, utility, NGO, and industry sectors.
  • Direct consulting services on a negotiated, discounted fee basis from CESA staff to address topics such as program and policy development, creation of written materials, testimony, publicity, stakeholder engagement, legal analysis, and identification of funding and partnership opportunities.

Dues: Affiliate Membership annual dues are $2,500.

Note: Affiliate Members may designate up to three additional staff members to participate in the activities above.

To learn more or become an Affiliate Member, please download and fill out the membership application here or contact Maria Blais Costello or call 802-223-2554.

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If you would like more information about participating in CESA and/or would like to speak with CESA staff or other CESA members, please let us know. We would be happy to connect you with members of CESA to learn firsthand about how membership in CESA can leverage and enhance your work. Our members are the best advocates for our work and the organization's value.

We look forward to welcoming you to CESA. Please contact Maria Blais Costello if you have any questions, at maria@cleanegroup.org  or 802-223-2554 ext. 203. Thank you.



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