Solar Information for Consumers: A Guide for States

Warren Leon | Clean Energy States Alliance

States have an increasingly important opportunity to present the public with sound, unbiased, user-friendly information on solar energy. This guide, prepared by the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), explains why states should provide consumer information on solar, describes the types of information that can be useful, and points out existing educational efforts by states and other entities that provide models and useful resource information. Although the focus of the guide is on educational efforts by states, its messages and approaches can apply to municipalities, counties, and municipal utilities that want to provide consumers with information on solar.

Webinar: Advice for States on Providing Solar Information to Consumers (11/17/16) – Watch it here

This report and webinar were produced through CESA’s Sustainable Solar Education Project, which provides information and educational resources to help states and municipalities ensure that distributed solar electricity remains consumer friendly and benefits low- and moderate-income households. This project is funded through the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative’s Solar Training and Education for Professionals program.

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