Investing in Relationships: Six Community Engagement Models from Energy Trust of Oregon

Thursday, June 8, 2023 @ 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

State agencies generally experience a degree of separation between themselves and the communities they serve. It is essential that they partner with community representatives deeply and often, in order to best realize their missions of service.   

A new case study by the Clean Energy States Alliance analyzes six programs conducted by the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) that have shown success in building meaningful and impactful relationships with community representatives. The report, Investing in Relationships: Strategies State Agencies Can Use to Equitably Partner with Community Representatives, profiles ETO’s programs and highlights essential best practices for community engagement. These programs can serve as a model for other state agencies seeking to develop relationships with community partners in order to better meet their shared goals.   

In this Clean Energy States Alliance webinar, Bayoan Ware, Lidia Garcia, Ryan Crews, and Emma Clark discussed ETO’s community engagement programs and expanded on lessons learned and best practices.

This webinar and accompanying case study are the first in a series of case studies highlighting innovative models of collaboration between state energy agencies and community-based organizations. This series is presented by CESA as part of the Solar with Justice: Connecting States and Communities project.  

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