Innovative Avenues to Public Participation in Clean Energy Development, Featuring Connecticut and Washington

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 @ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

This webinar highlighted two impressive and impactful state programs that are accelerating the development of clean energy while increasing public participation in the process.

The Connecticut Green Bank’s Green Liberty Bonds program, which is modelled after the war bonds of the 1940s, allows individual investors to purchase bonds in low-dollar denominations, enabling people to directly participate in the green economy and earn a return on their investment. The proceeds of Green Liberty Bonds are invested in projects that confront climate change in Connecticut. The first issuance of the Green Liberty Bonds in July 2020 sold nearly $17 million, and the second issuance in May 2021 sold nearly $25 million.

In Washington, the 2021 State Energy Strategy provides a roadmap for the state to meet its critical and ambitious energy and climate goals: transitioning to 100% clean electricity by 2045 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The strategy puts equity and climate justice upfront because climate change will inflict greatest harm on overburdened communities and low-income households. This work was guided by a 27-member advisory committee representing a broad set of governmental, Tribal, environmental, consumer, and industry interests. The advisory committee meetings were professionally facilitated to ensure meaningful and equitable engagement. The state also actively engaged political leaders and offered multiple opportunities for public input and review.

In this webinar, representatives from the CT Green Bank and the Washington Department of Commerce presented their programs and answered questions from the audience. CESA’s Vero Bourg-Meyer moderated.

These programs were recipients of the 2022 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards.