State Leadership in Clean Energy

CESA’s State Leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) Awards recognize state programs or state-funded programs that are most effectively accelerating adoption of clean energy technologies.

The biennial awards highlight states that have established funds to provide critical capital investments for clean energy projects as well as states that have collaborated effectively with industry partners, utility commissions, and local governments―all crucial ways to expand clean energy markets. Award winners are state-funded or municipal-utility supported programs. CESA-member organizations from across the U.S. submit nominations for the leadership awards. The award recipients are chosen by an independent panel of distinguished judges, including clean energy experts from national energy labs, energy-related nonprofits, former state and national political leaders, and national organizations working on clean energy and the clean energy economy.

For each year in which the awards are given, CESA prepares a summary report with case studies highlighting the winning programs, hosts a series of webinars to detail the best practices and lessons learned, and shares the success of the award winners through blogs and social media. See the links at the left for more information about the biennial State Leadership in Clean Energy award’s previous recipients and learn more about these outstanding programs.