Maryland Energy Storage Pilot Program: Exploring Business Models and Revenue Streams in PJM

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Maryland utilities recently solicited proposals for energy storage pilot programs following the passage of energy storage legislation in 2019. The goal of the legislation was to allow state regulators to evaluate the best use of energy storage and identify the regulatory reforms and market incentives necessary to facilitate the future deployment of storage. Executing these projects will be a learning experience for Maryland utilities as the proposals represent a variety of different energy storage business models and operational configurations.

In this Clean Energy States Alliance webinar, guest speakers provided background on the Maryland energy storage pilot program, explored the dynamics of the proposed energy storage projects and business models, and explained both potential revenue streams and operational challenges for storage resources in PJM. Panelists also discussed how value streams for energy storage projects in Maryland can be stacked and how current and future ISO market developments will impact these revenue opportunities.


  • Chad Dixon, Senior Consultant – Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions
  • David Bloom, Manager – Energy Acquisition, Baltimore Gas & Electric
  • Val Stori, Project Director, Clean Energy States Alliance (moderator)