RPS Webinar: Implications of FERC Order 1000

Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

This webinar features a discussion on the implications of FERC Order 1000 for state RPS managers and other state officials. FERC Order 1000 requires all public utility transmission providers (including in non-market regions) to consider RPSs and other state “Public Policy Requirements” in their long-range planning. Regional transmission system planners are now integrating Order 1000’s requirements into their planning processes, which in turn should encourage states to place greater emphasis on regional cooperation.

John Moore of the Sustainable FERC Project describes the Project’s mission and goals and summarize Order 1000. Carolyn Elefant of the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant discusses how Order 1000 fits into FERC’s other policies related to renewables and suggests how states may want to approach planning in light of Order 1000. Kevin Lucas of the Maryland Energy Administration explains how his state is responding to Order 1000 and working with the regional transmission provider PJM.


  • John Moore, Senior Attorney, The Sustainable FERC Project
  • Carolyn Elefant, Principal Attorney, Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant
  • Kevin Lucas, Director for Energy Market Strategies, Maryland Energy Administration


Organizer: Clean Energy States Alliance

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