Batteries 101, Part 1: An Introduction to Energy Storage and Massachusetts’ Battery Storage Programs and Policies

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET

Have you wondered whether batteries are right for you or your town? Do you have questions about battery siting, safety, environmental impacts? Curious about how batteries can provide backup power, support renewable generation, and save you money? Are you wondering how to incorporate energy storage into your municipal planning and codes?

Then this is the webinar series for you!

In a special, Massachusetts-focused webinar series, experts answer your questions about energy storage, the role of batteries in Massachusetts’ decarbonization plans, how to get help developing a battery system, and whatever else you need to know.

This first webinar in the series features speakers from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, as well as from the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). Topics include battery storage basics, the role of battery energy storage in the Massachusetts decarbonization plan, and available battery incentives and technical support. Panelists explain how batteries can be used to create more resilient energy systems, both at the utility scale and at the residential and commercial scale. Panelists also discuss the current economic landscape for battery storage in Massachusetts, including state and federal incentives and market opportunities. The following webinars in this series delve more deeply into specific energy storage topics including equity and fossil fuel peaker plant replacement, grid benefits and resilience, safety, siting, permitting, planning and zoning.

The webinar series is open to the general public, but questions from Massachusetts municipal officials and residents are prioritized during the questions and discussion portion of each event.


  • Sarah Cullinan, Senior Director, Net Zero Grid Program, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
  • Melissa Mittelman, Assistant Secretary for Decarbonization, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  • Tom Ferguson, Energy Storage Programs Manager, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  • Todd Olinsky-Paul, Senior Project Director, Clean Energy States Alliance

This webinar series is presented by Clean Energy Group and the Clean Energy States Alliance.