State Leadership in Clean Energy: SMUD’s Energy StorageShares and Smart Energy Optimizer Programs

Thursday, August 20, 2020 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

This webinar, presented by the Clean Energy States Alliance, showcased two new energy storage programs being pioneered by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

First is SMUD’s award-winning, first-in-the-nation Energy StorageShares program. This innovative program allows commercial customers to engage in virtual demand charge management by purchasing shares in a utility-owned and -sited battery, which is placed in an optimal location to provide grid benefits and lower costs for all customers. Energy StorageShares won a 2020 State Leadership in Clean Energy Award, selected by an independent panel of distinguished judges, and evaluated based on four key metrics: public benefits and results, cost effectiveness, leadership and innovation, and replicability.

The webinar also addressed SMUD’s residential Smart Energy Optimizer program, which makes use of day ahead price signals to direct customer battery dispatch to specific times of day to enhance grid benefits.

Speaker: James Frasher, Sr. Strategic Business Planner, ESR&D, SMUD
Moderator: Todd Olinsky-Paul, Senior Project Director, CESA

This webinar was one in a series highlighting the winners of the 2020 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards. Learn more here.