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Offshore wind is one of the country’s most significant renewable energy resources with the potential to transform the nation’s energy portfolio, create tens of thousands of jobs, meet renewable energy policy and carbon emission reduction goals, and foster an inclusive and equitable energy transition. CESA’s Offshore Wind Accelerator comprises three projects:

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Offshore Wind and Equity

CESA works with states and community-based organizations to promote an equitable approach to offshore wind development.

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Offshore Wind Learning Exchange

CESA fosters learning, communication, and collaboration between US states and European nations.

Offshore Windmill Park With Clouds And A Blue Sky, Windmill Park In The Ocean Aerial View With Wind

Maryland Works for Wind

CESA is working with the Maryland Department of Labor to create an inclusive offshore wind workforce.

Offshore Wind and Equity

Offshore wind presents an opportunity to significantly decarbonize coastal energy systems and create a new industry in the United States built on principles of equity, rather than extraction. CESA’s Offshore Wind and Equity project works with states and community-based organizations to incorporate principles of equity in state-level offshore wind policy and development. Through the project, CESA:

➔ Convenes dialogues between state policymakers and community-based organizations to identify priority areas and best practices for policy development and implementation.

➔ Assists state policymakers in integrating equity into offshore wind policies by collaboratively developing tools and resources.

➔ Informs state policymakers, communities, and the general public about the latest developments in state offshore wind policy.

Offshore Wind Learning Exchange
Maryland Works for Wind

Photo courtesy Ørsted US Offshore Wind -  Block Island Wind Farm.