Case Studies of RPS Best Practices: Solar Carve-Outs, SREC Tracking, and Thermal Inclusion

Jenny Heeter, Edward Holt, Sam Koebrich, and Val Stori | Clean Energy States Alliance

The authors of this report looked across the wide range of RPS practices and innovations in order to identify specific instances where a state has implemented an RPS in a way that has been effective and can offer lessons for other states. The paper consists of three case studies of states that have been leaders in implementing particular RPS practices: Delaware’s use of a carve-out for solar, New Jersey’s tracking of solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), and New Hampshire’s inclusion of thermal output in its RPS.

Each of the case studies follows a similar format. First, the authors briefly summarize the RPS practice and what makes it a model for others. They then provide a history of the program and its results. They follow that with overviews of the program or practice’s strengths and limitations. They end with lessons and recommendations for other states.

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Date: July 20, 2018
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