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CESA State Program Guide: State Strategies to Foster Solar Hot Water System Deployment

December 1, 2007

This report describes a number of straightforward strategies that states can implement to support adoption of solar hot water technologies, including provision of financial incentives, training for installers, and education to help customers make informed decisions.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States Collaborative on RPS Implementation – Model Resource Eligibility Definitions

September 1, 2007

The members of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States Collaborative on RPS Implementation have developed this set of model RPS resource eligibility definitions for states to consider as RPS programs evolve and mature.

CESA Best Practice Recommendation: Visual Impacts Assessment Process for Evaluating Wind-Energy Projects

August 1, 2007

This memo describes a process and approach for evaluating the visual impact of wind-energy projects.

CESA Memo: Summary of National Research Council Report on Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects

May 1, 2007

This memo provides a briefing analysis of the May 2007 NAS National Resources Council Report on The Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Project that evaluates the trade-offs between the benefit of new wind-energy projects and the risk of adverse environmental impacts.

Exploring the Economic Value of EPAct 2005’s PV Tax Credits

February 5, 2007

How much economic value do these new and expanded federal tax credits really provide to PV system purchasers? And what implications might they hold for state/utility PV grant programs?