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The Rising Tide of State-Supported Renewable Energy Projects: Deployment Results from the CESA Database, 1998-2011

October 29, 2012

This report is a comprehensive analysis of trends in state clean energy development. Among its main findings, the report confirms that state clean energy funds have remained major drivers of renewable energy development in the U.S.

State Leadership in Clean Energy: Seven Exemplary Programs

October 15, 2012

This report presents case studies of the seven recipients of the 2012 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards.

Collaborative Procurement of Offshore Wind Energy – A Buyers Network: Assessment of Merits and Approaches

September 11, 2012

This analysis finds that, when combined with low-cost financing and use of the Investment Tax Credit, the purchase of large amounts of offshore wind energy by “buyers networks” of credit-worthy offtakers could significantly reduce the cost of offshore wind energy.

Clean Energy and Bond Finance Initiative: An Action Plan to Access Capital Markets

August 1, 2012

Clean Energy Group and the Council of Development Finance Agencies have prepared a briefing on a new Clean Energy and Bond Finance Initiative (CE+BFI) that will guide their work with institutional investors, public finance agencies, and public clean energy fund managers across the country, to find new ways to increase clean energy investment by an additional $5 billion to $20 billion in the next five years.

Evaluating the Benefits and Costs of a Renewable Portfolio Standard: A Guide for State RPS Programs

May 24, 2012

This report explains some of the issues associated with RPS evaluation and makes suggestions for how states may want to proceed with an evaluation.

CESA Clean Energy White Paper: MA Draft Final Regulations for Biomass Generating Units in the RPS

May 23, 2012

Mass DOER released proposed final regulations for biomass combustion for purposes of RPS eligibility. This paper summarizes those regulations and includes a brief discussion.

Designing the Right RPS: A Guide to Selecting Goals and Program Options for a Renewable Portfolio Standard

March 21, 2012

This report describes RPS best practices and analyzes a wide range of options in RPS program design.

CESA Comments on Atlantic Wind Connection Project to BOEM-2011-0023

February 17, 2012

CESA submitted comments on the public interest merits of the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) Project, and its environmental consequences, pursuant to Docket No. BOEM-2011-0023.

CESA Comments on Draft DE-FOA-0000410 Recommending Joint State/ DOE Funding

February 14, 2012

CESA submitted comments on the Draft Financial Assistance Funding Opportunity Announcement No. DE-FOA-0000410, entitled “U.S. Offshore Wind: Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects.”

Request for Qualifications for Techincal Assistance for the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council

January 20, 2012

CESA’s Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) is establishing a unified list of small and mid‐sized wind energy systems that meet the performance, reliability, acoustic, and warranty service expectations of incentive providers. This RFQ seeks to identify a pool of qualified technical assistance contractors to assist with the evaluation of wind turbine systems for inclusion on this list.