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Designing PV Incentive Programs to Promote Performance – A Review of Current Practice

October 2, 2006

This report examines the approaches used to encourage PV system performance – including, but not limited to, PBI’s – used by 32 prominent PV incentive programs in the U.S. This paper is part of a series of clean energy fund case studies prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Clean Energy States Alliance.

Supporting Photovoltaics in Market-Rate Residential New Construction: A Summary of Programmatic Experience to Date and Lessons Learned

February 1, 2006

This paper, prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for CESA, describes early efforts by state clean energy funds to support the deployment of PV in new, market-rate homes.

Strategies to Foster Solar Energy & Advanced Efficiency Housing in Affordable Multi-Family Homes

February 1, 2006

This Program Guide describes how state clean energy programs, in partnership with state housing agencies, can advance the use of clean energy technologies in low-income residential housing.

Low-Income Renewable Energy Programs: A Survey of State Clean Energy Funds

May 3, 2004

This survey reviews efforts by CESA member clean energy funds to promote the use of renewable energy technologies in low-income residential buildings or communities. Only programs specifically targeting low-income applications are covered.

Green Buildings: The Expanding Role of State Clean Energy Funds

September 1, 2003

This case study examines the efforts of several state renewable energy funds to promote renewable energy use in green buildings.