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Wafa May Elamin


Wafa May Elamin was a CESA Project Manager until October 2022, focusing on the Scaling Up Solar for Under-Resourced Communities Project and the Solar with Justice Project. She continues as a part-time consultant, coordinating and facilitating the Solar for Manufactured Homes Working Group under the Scaling Up Solar Project. She is Senior Associate at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Engagement & Negotiation. Before working for CESA, she was a consultant through her own firm, Self Made Roots LLC, focusing on coalitions, grassroots and community initiatives. She was Executive Director for the Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance and is Industry Demand Co-Lead for the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium. She holds a BS in Environmental Policy and Planning and a BA in International Studies Environmental Affairs from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

Email: wafamay@cleanegroup.org
Location: Virginia/DC Metro Area