Project Director: Nate Hausman

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As more and more households go solar, state and local officials are playing an increasing role in the residential solar market.

CESA’s Sustainable Solar Education Project aims to help state and local governments support the sustainable growth of the distributed solar market by ensuring that solar PV remains consumer friendly, and benefits low- and moderate-income households.

Resources produced through the Sustainable Solar Education Project include webinars and in-person workshops on issues related to strengthening solar equitability, improving consumer information, and implementing consumer protection measures. CESA also releases a monthly newsletter with updates on project activities and news from around the country.

A cornerstone of the Sustainable Solar Education Project has been the production of a series of six guides:

The Sustainable Solar Education Project also produced three short informational videos on solar for consumers:

The Sustainable Solar Education Project is guided by an advisory committee made up of individuals with backgrounds in the fields of solar policy, program design, and implementation, and solar regulation and consumer protection.

The Sustainable Solar Education Project is a two-year initiative, and will run through August 2018. This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office, under Award Number DE-EE0007321. 

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