100% Clean Energy Collaborative

CESA created the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative to assist states (and other entities) that have 100% clean energy goals by providing knowledge-sharing activities and analysis so that together they can address program challenges and opportunities. The Collaborative also provides information and technical assistance to states that may consider establishing similar goals.

The rapid adoption of aggressive state clean energy targets has been one of the most important energy and climate change policy developments of the past few years. Seventeen states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have now set 100% clean energy goals for electricity, either through legislation or Governors’ actions. Those states are listed in a Table of 100% Clean Energy States that CESA regularly updates.

Featured Report: Advancing Toward 100 Percent: State Policies, Programs, and Plans for Zero-Carbon Electricity (April 2021)

The primary participants in the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative are state agency officials with responsibilities for achieving their state’s 100% goals, as well as policymakers in other states that are may consider establishing similar goals. Through the Collaborative, participants can share program insights, engage with analysts who are studying solutions to technical challenges, and participate in Collaborative meetings by teleconference and in person. Potential additional funding for the Collaborative will allow for individualized technical assistance to the 100% states.

To ensure the success of the Collaborative, CESA has entered into a partnership with the United States Climate Alliance (USCA), a bipartisan coalition of governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. CESA and USCA are coordinating their respective activities to create synergies and avoid duplication. In addition to states that have already set 100% clean energy goals, all states that are members of either USCA or CESA are eligible to participate in the state meetings of the Collaborative.

An Advisory Committee composed of state officials and clean energy experts has been created to provide guidance to CESA as it determines strategic plans and activities for the Collaborative.

The 100% Clean Energy Collaborative also shares information with a wider group of stakeholders, including utilities and municipalities with 100% clean energy goals, as well as with clean energy advocates, industry representatives, and interested members of the general public. Anyone can sign up to receive a free bimonthly newsletter and to receive information to register for the Collaborative’s free periodic webinars.

The 100% Clean Energy Collaborative has compiled an annotated bibliography of plans, studies, and analyses related to achieving 100% clean energy at the state level. The bibliography gives special attention to plans that have been developed by states, but also includes studies from national laboratories, academic researchers, and NGOs.

The 100% Clean Energy Collaborative builds on and supersedes the RPS Collaborative, which CESA managed from 2008 through early 2020. If you would like more information about the Collaborative, please contact 100CEC@cleanegroup.org.

The 100% Clean Energy Collaborative is managed by the Clean Energy States Alliance

In partnership with the US Climate Alliance