Clean Energy Champions – The Importance of State Programs and Policies

Warren Leon, Executive Director, CESA

This report provides the first-ever comprehensive look at the ways in which states are advancing clean energy and suggests how to further encourage growth. The report describes the many important ways that states across the nation are supporting clean energy generation and markets. It highlights 31 case studies from 22 states, covering a variety of state programs such as renewable portfolio standards, rebates for purchasing solar panels, and wind energy tax credits, as well as lesser known ones to build necessary infrastructure, grow small businesses, and protect consumers.

This report includes the following case studies:

Developing the Clean Energy Supply

  • North Carolina Diversifies its Energy Supply with a Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • Oklahoma Captures the Potential of its Wind Resources
  • New Mexico Attracts Jobs and Revenues with Renewable Energy Tax Credit
  • California Drives the Market for Solar Deployment
  • Minnesota Tackles the Value of Solar
  • New Jersey Drives Solar Deployment with SRECs
  • States Spur Solarize Successes
  • Wisconsin Helps Farmers Turn a Liability into an Asset
  • Oregon Expands Opportunities for Small Hydropower
  • New Hampshire Promotes Better Wood Heating
  • Maryland Seizes the Opportunity to Develop Offshore Wind

Overcoming Barriers

  • Midwestern States Track Renewable Power Generation
  • Texas Expands Wind Energy by Building Transmission First
  • Illinois Implements Ambitious Grid Modernization Policy
  • Alaska Helps Remote Communities Shift to Renewables
  • Rhode Island Makes Solar Work for the Distribution System
  • California’s Energy Storage Mandate Paves the Way for More Renewable Energy
  • Vermont Reduces Costs for Residents to Install Solar
  • The Connecticut Green Bank’s Financial Innovation Makes Building Improvements Possible
  • States Use CESA to Identify and Share Best Practices
  • Northeast States Create Cap-and-Trade Program for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Building a Vibrant Clean Energy Industry

  • Manufacturing a Clean Energy Industry in Nevada
  • Alaska Captures Clean Energy in Rivers
  • NYSERDA Incubators Hatch Promising Clean Energy Technologies
  • Massachusetts Builds a Clean Energy Cluster

Protecting Consumers

  • California’s Solar Equipment List Saves Time and Money
  • State Advisory Council Increases Confidence in Small Wind Turbines
  • NYSERDA Supports CHP Buyers and Streamlines the Market
  • Washington, DC Bridges the Solar Gap
  • Hawaii Uses Clean Energy Finance Innovations to Meet Customer Needs
  • Colorado Solar Gardens Expand Access to Renewable Energy

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