Directory of Clean Energy Technical Assistance Opportunities for States

CESA has compiled a searchable list of clean energy technical assistance opportunities available to states. The list is available below as an interactive table or downloadable excel document, and it will be regularly updated when new opportunities become available to states.

The US Department of Energy and several other agencies in the federal government offer a wide range of technical assistance programs and opportunities, many of which states can take advantage of. While these programs can be tremendously helpful, information about them is spread across many pages on many different US government and national laboratory websites. This makes it difficult for states to find critical information regarding eligibility, funding, and deadlines. Additionally, not all technical assistance opportunities and programs are available to state governments, which can add an extra layer of confusion to those seeking help.

Using this Database 

In the interactive table, users can click on the “view” button on the right side to see more detailed information about a program, including any applicable deadlines. Additionally, users can search the entire table or filter columns using keywords such as “building,” or “solar.”

Suggest Additional Entries 

If you know of additional programs that should be included in the directory or corrections to any of the entries, please email CESA Research Associate Sam Schacht at [email protected].


Click here to download the database as an Excel spreadsheet. Scroll down to use an interactive version of the database.