Guide to 100% Clean Energy States

This guide provides state officials and other stakeholders with information about the 24 states (plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) that have adopted 100% clean energy goals. It includes information about the plans and other implementation reports that some of those states have produced. It is divided into five parts:

1. Table of 100% Clean Energy States
This table lists all the states with 100% clean energy goals, specifies the nature of each of the goals, and provides comments on when and how those goals were established,

2. Map and Timelines of 100% Clean Energy States
The map and timelines show the states and their goals in visual formats.

3. Summaries of State 100% Clean Energy Plans
The plans and reports of seven states are summarized with information on each report’s objectives, how it was produced, how it is organized, what its key conclusions/recommendations are, and key takeaways about the report.

4. Visual Comparison of State 100% Clean Energy Plans
Graphics allow easy comparison of the technologies and policies covered by the different state reports, as well as the report’s scope of analysis.

5. State Legislation, Plans, Reports, and Other Documents
Links are provided to the legislation and other documents that relate to all 21 jurisdictions' goals, planning processes, and implementation activities.

6. State Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Procedures
This table details the monitoring, reporting, and verification procedures that states have put in place to track and measure progress.

* * *

The guide was researched and produced by CESA staff and consultants: Ben Paulos, Charles Hua, Warren Leon, Wafa May Elamin, and Samantha Donalds. It was developed with support from and in collaboration with the US Climate Alliance.


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