Webinar & Events - Resilient Power

Clean Energy Group Webinar: An Introduction to Resilient Power

October 8, 2014

This webinar, presented by Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project, outlines the dangers that power outages can pose to low-income communities and vulnerable populations, the weaknesses of traditional backup power sources, and the opportunities for communities to create more power resilient critical facilities with clean and dependable energy technologies. Panelists include Lew Milford, Todd Olinsky-Paul and Rob Sanders from Clean Energy Group.

CESA/RMI Webinar: The Economics of Grid Defection

July 1, 2014

Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project hosted authors of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s recent report, “The Economics of Grid Defection,” which looks at areas of the U.S. where solar with battery storage is either currently or imminently at cost parity with grid-purchased electricity, and analyzes the likely impacts on utilities and customers. Panelists include Leia Guccione, Bodhi Rader and James Mandel of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Energy Storage Webinar: New Markets and Business Models

December 18, 2013

In this webinar, presented by Clean Energy Group for the Resilient Power Project, guest speakers Judith Judson from Customized Energy Solutions, Matthew Hamilton from Energy Surety Partners and Tom Leyden from Solar Grid Storage discussed new third-party battery storage business models that can reduce or eliminate first costs to renewable generators, while providing all the benefits of energy storage.

CESA Webinar: Smart Grid, Grid Integration, Storage and Renewable Energy

May 16, 2013

How will the smart grid and smart meters, demand response, and energy storage affect the deployment of intermittent renewable energy? Our guest experts will answer these questions, and discuss the latest developments in these technologies, in this webinar. Speakers include Tom Stepien, CEO of Primus Power, and Ron Dizy, President and CEO ENBALA Power Network.

Energy Innovation 2011 – Hosted by ITIF

November 17, 2011

Energy Innovation 2011, hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) and the Breakthrough Institute, brings together some of country’s foremost thinkers, scientists and innovators to look at clean energy innovation strategies in a time of fiscal austerity. Lewis Milford, CEG President, served as a presenter.