Webinar & Events - Marine Energy

METAP Webinar: Resource Assessments of Wave Energy and Tidal Streams in the U.S.

March 29, 2012

During this webinar the authors of two reports—”Mapping and Assessment of the United States Ocean Wave Energy Resource” and “Assessment of Energy Production Potential from Tidal Streams in the United States”— will present on the results of their research to calculate the maximum kinetic energy available from waves and tides off U.S. coasts that could be used for future energy production.

METAP Webinar: National Laboratory Activities to Support Marine Energy Technology Progress

January 12, 2012

On January 12, 2012, Clean Energy States Alliance will host a webinar to explore the National Laboratories’ support activities for marine hydrokinetic technologies (MHK).

This webinar is designed as a briefing for MHK stakeholders by representatives from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Sandia National Laboratory, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory regarding their major activities and research to support marine energy commercialization and deployment.

New England Marine Renewable Energy Center’s Technical Conference

November 7, 2011

With 40 presentations in two days, the 3rd Annual New England Marine Renewable Energy Center’s Technical Conference will offer many interesting sessions devoted to offshore wind, environment studies for ocean energy devices, tidal systems, modeling, commercialization issues and wave energy devices.

METAP Webinar: State-level Marine Energy Support

September 16, 2011

CESA hosted this webinar to review recent State activities to support Marine Energy technologies and industries. Representatives from state agencies and organizations presented highlights of the past year’s acitivities in their states, including updates on programs, policies, test facilities and pilot projects.

METAP Webinar: Hydrokinetic Testing Needs and Existing US Capabilities

September 9, 2010

This webinar, the fifth in a series for the State/Federal Marine Energy Technology Advancement Project (METAP), presents the results of NREL’s MHK testing needs and capabilities assessment. The managers of a few of the existing US test facilities present on their current and planned MHK testing infrastructure and activities in Hawaii, New England and the Northwest. Presenters also discuss opportunities for collaboration and information sharing across test facilities.

METAP Webinar: Ecological Effects of Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Projects

August 19, 2010

This webinar, the fourth in a series for the State/Federal Marine Energy Technology Advancement Project (METAP), will review the ecological effects of Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK) projects and the regulatory response. To date, MHK systems and their impacts have not been widely tested. As more MHK projects are going through state and federal licensing applications, understanding of potential environmental impacts to aquatic organisms and marine ecosystems is increasing. This webinar will focus on the MHK environmental permitting process in the US, the environmental challenges posed by MHK projects, risk evaluation and potential mitigation strategies.

METAP Webinar: Marine Energy Regulatory Framework: Challenges & Solutions

July 15, 2010

This webinar, the third in a series for the State/Federal Marine Energy Technology Advancement Project (METAP), reviews the regulatory framework surrounding marine energy projects.

METAP Webinar: Marine Technology Industry Status Briefing

June 16, 2010

This webinar, the second in a series for CESA’s Marine Energy Technology Advancement Project (METAP), will provide an overview of the industry status of marine energy technologies. Speakers will discuss the following topics: What affects the cost and performance of marine renewables? How can future costs be reduced to become cost competitive? What are the obstacles to getting projects in the water? What is role of states in advancing the technology?

METAP Webinar: Marine Technology Overview

May 13, 2010

This webinar launched a new DOE/NREL/States Marine Energy Technology Advancement Partnership and introduced participants to the projects purpose and activities. The webinar also provided an overview of marine energy technologies and discussed the U.S. DOE marine energy program and roadmap.