2013 Wind Powering America Eastern Regional Leadership Award Granted for “Extraordinary Efforts” to Supportand Facilitate U.S. Wind Energy Deployment 

Montpelier, VT — Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a national nonprofit organization that works with state leaders, federal agencies, industry players, and other stakeholders to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the United States, has been named the winner of the 2013 Wind Powering America Eastern Regional Leadership Award.

This annual award, granted by an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Program, recognizes organizations that make extraordinary efforts to facilitate and support wind energy deployment — both land-based and offshore — in the Eastern states.

CESA Receives Wind Powering America Award at DC Reception. L-R: Warren Leon, Acting Executive Director, Clean Energy States Alliance; Jose Zayas, Director, Wind and Water Power Technologies Office, U.S. DOE Office of EERE; and Mike Carr, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. DOE Office of EERE.

In 2012, CESA managed several projects and programs to advance wind energy deployment in the East and across the nation, including:

The Offshore Wind Accelerator Project (OWAP) — OWAP is a coalition of public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders who are working together to break down barriers to offshore wind development in the United States. By engaging developers, state and federal officials, environmental advocates, communications experts, engineers, and academic researchers, OWAP has advanced financing and supply chain solution, provided recommendations for smarter regulatory approaches, and created a dynamic communications campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the merits of U.S. offshore wind. Learn more at http://www.offshorewindworks.com and http://www.cleanenergystates.org/projects/accelerating-offshore-wind.  

The Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) — ITAC is an alliance of clean energy programs and utility incentive providers working jointly to tackle challenges and promote the potential of the small and mid-scale wind market. The ITAC collaborative manages a unified list of small and mid-sized wind turbines that meet the performance, reliability, acoustic and warranty service expectations of incentive providers, a critical step in the evolution of the distributed wind market. ITAC member utilities and clean energy programs can use the list to qualify eligible wind power projects for incentives. Learn more at http://www.cleanenergystates.org/projects/ITAC.

States Advancing Wind — This project seeks to address priority regulatory, finance, and technology challenges facing wind farm siting. The project's major activities include facilitating peer-to-peer learning among states to identify and promote best practices, and providing technical assistance to state agencies and officials regarding the merits, approaches, and policy tools available to accelerate onshore and offshore wind project development. Learn more at http://www.cleanenergystates.org/projects/states-advancing-wind.

Other CESA projects, including efforts to advance clean energy financing innovation, promote state collaboration around Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) laws, and to recognize exemplary efforts by states to develop clean energy markets, have also contributed to deployment of wind energy in the U.S. To learn more about all of CESA’s programs, please visit http://www.cleanenergystates.org/projects.

“We are honored to receive recognition from the Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America Program for our collaborative efforts to advance both land-based and offshore wind energy in the Eastern states,” said Lewis Milford, Founder of CESA and President of the Clean Energy Group. “Increasing our nation’s supply of low-carbon renewable energy is crucial, and our work to advance the deployment of wind energy doesn’t stop at the East Coast. We look forward to engaging other states and regions in development of this important domestic energy resource in the coming years.”

To learn more about CESA, its projects to promote wind energy deployment, or its award from Wind Powering America, please contact Marissa Newhall at (202) 527-9196 or marissa@cleanegroup.org.


About Clean Energy States Alliance: Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing state and local efforts to implement smart clean energy policies, programs, technology innovation, and financing tools to drive increased investment and market making. CESA works with the leading state and public clean energy programs and provides information sharing and technical assistance to states and local governments on “best in class” clean energy programs and policies. CESA also facilitates collaborative networks to coordinate efforts between states, federal agencies, and other stakeholders to leverage accelerated progress on deploying clean energy projects and markets. For more information, visit www.cleanenergystates.org.

About Wind Powering America: Wind Powering America is a nationwide initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Program designed to educate, engage, and enable critical stakeholders to make informed decisions about how wind energy contributes to the U.S. electricity supply. Learn more at http://www.windpoweringamerica.gov.