Many states are looking to energy storage for renewables integration, cost savings, and resilient power. Two recent and notable state energy storage efforts are taking place in Iowa and Maryland.

In Iowa, a $200,000 grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority to evaluate the performance of the state’s first large-scale solar+storage installations. Researchers will study the return on investment, job creation, battery performance, and more. A state-level energy storage committee will use the lessons learned to help develop the storage market in Iowa.

Part of the impetus for this research project was a study conducted by NREL and Clean Energy Group, which showed that 23,000 commercial customers in Iowa pay demand charges upwards of $20/kW. This indicates significant potential for cost savings with energy storage.

In Maryland, the newly announced Resiliency Hub Grant Program will support solar+storage-powered resiliency hubs in high-density low-and moderate-income neighborhoods. During a power outage, these resiliency hubs will provide critical services such as heating and cooling, refrigeration for medications and breast milk, and charging for phones and other small devices. This $5 million program is funded by the Maryland Energy Administration. Read more about the program here.